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Product Care

Product Care

How to maintain?
General – During Cleaning

  • Close all windows and doors.
  • Draw the curtains / blinds.
  • Human comfort temperature is between 23°C – 25°C.
  • It takes an average of 1 – 2 hours to cool a room.
  • Do not block air inlets and outlets of the indoor unit and outdoor unit.

How to maintain?
General – During Cleaning

  • Air filters should be cleaned every two weeks.
  • Failure to do so will impair the flow and cooling capacity of your system.

Air Purefying Filters

  • Helps remove fine dust, pollen, tobacco smoke and odour in the room.
  • Air purifying filters need to be replaced every three months.
  • Replace when colour turns dark even if filters are not three months old.

Note: Once the air purifying filter elements get dirty, it is not reusable and must be thrown away.
General Servicing

  • To achieve better air conditioning performance, periodical maintenance by a qualified service technician is recommended, apart from regular cleaning by the user.
  • Frequent usage of the air conditioning system as well as the environmental factors result in air conditioners turning dirty and dusty.
  • To improve the condition of the system and to prolong its life span, please contact our service shop for maintenance.

Safety Precautions

  • Do not place anything which is not water resistant under the indoor and outdoor unit.
  • Moisture in the air may condense on the indoor unit and drip on certain conditions.
  • For the outdoor unit, during the cooling operation, condensation may cause drips from the piping connections.

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